Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello again.

I feel compelled to apologise for how long its taken me to get back to blogging. My excuse is that Neva arrived 3 weeks early and caught us all flatfooted - I was scrambling for a while to catch up but I think we've finally established a sort of rhythm.

The trick has been Lloyd's schedule - which while as a schoolteacher he's home by 3:30 but as a musician he isn't always been around. Which sucks. Sometimes I just need to hand Neva off to someone to have a moment to myself. She's great, don't mistake me but there's something to be said for peeing without squirming infant in your arms that you can't put down because she'll start howling.

Still, I've found some time to run. Nothing fantastic and certainly nothing regular but its time to shake off some craziness and worry. Especially after the Moms group that's run at the hospital. I think I only have it in me to go for another week or so. Those ladies, while very nice, think too hard and voice too many concerns and in doing so make me paranoid about how Neva eats, sleeps, breathes, is developing, isn't developing...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Odd thought.

It occurred to me today that Neva's more Polish and German than I am and I'm more Irish than she is... What's more, she's of Russian decent and I'm not.


It appears I have too much thinking time on my hands.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So...its been a while.

Here's the short of it. My levels were so low at my appointment on December 24 that I was told I was going no where but up to Labor and Delivery. Some phone calls and my doctor consult later I was allowed to go home to have Christmas but only with the promise that my butt would be back at the hospital between 7 & 9pm Christmas night.

Mad dash of holidays (Christmas Eve at my cousin's, Christmas Day at my parents) and packing...I was checked in and the induction process started by 10pm on Christmas night.

And then we waited

And waited

And waited.

Two days later, two strips of cervidil and a pitocin drip later, I still hadn't progressed beyond 2cm. My options were, stop and start the induction process over, break my water to progress the labor which might result in fetal distress and an emergency C-section, or skip all that and head straight to C-section.

After much deliberation...seriously it took me a few hours to say "c-section," that's the route we took.

Neva Juliet was born three weeks early at 2:51pm, December 27, 2009. 5lbs, 1oz and 18.5 inches long.