Monday, December 14, 2009

Frequent Flyer Group.

That's what the tech told me I had become a member of after yesterday's (a Sunday...I know!) growth scan. Right after that she added the words "high risk." That freaked Lloyd out completely, me not as much. It was a little funny watching Lloyd grill the tech - he was so very serious and acting very much like his mother.

So here's the thing...I'm not carrying enough amniotic fluid (I'm at 8.5 and normal range is 10-20) for Lloyd'qwa but I'm coming off a cold and knew I was dehydrated. Its hard for me to drink anything when I'm sick...I want to take cold meds and sleep - only I couldn't do either of those things this time. The added problem is, too much water gives me heartburn and so does most juices. Mineral water works, but I can only stand so much of it before I'm full.

End result of yesterday's appointment - one more thing for Lloyd to fuss at me over (still pestering me about my lack of weight gain even though 25lbs so far I'm precisely on target, poking me if he happens to find me sleeping on my back), a "oh-my-god-is-that-her-nose-oh-no-whew-its-her-thumb-in-front-of-her-face" 3D picture for the fridge, and another appointment on Thursday for another check and weekly's until Lloyd'qwa arrives.

Lloyd was pouring mineral water down my throat yesterday, I think I'm still sloshing...

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  1. We had one of those scans a week after I was due w/ Violet. The levels were low enough that they wanted to induce, despite her being active, etc. The doula wanted me to skip the test altogether because depending on where they scan, it can be lower than it really is. I'm glad they didn't worry too much about it!

    You're getting close! :)