Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello again.

I feel compelled to apologise for how long its taken me to get back to blogging. My excuse is that Neva arrived 3 weeks early and caught us all flatfooted - I was scrambling for a while to catch up but I think we've finally established a sort of rhythm.

The trick has been Lloyd's schedule - which while as a schoolteacher he's home by 3:30 but as a musician he isn't always been around. Which sucks. Sometimes I just need to hand Neva off to someone to have a moment to myself. She's great, don't mistake me but there's something to be said for peeing without squirming infant in your arms that you can't put down because she'll start howling.

Still, I've found some time to run. Nothing fantastic and certainly nothing regular but its time to shake off some craziness and worry. Especially after the Moms group that's run at the hospital. I think I only have it in me to go for another week or so. Those ladies, while very nice, think too hard and voice too many concerns and in doing so make me paranoid about how Neva eats, sleeps, breathes, is developing, isn't developing...

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  1. It's nice to hear from you and see such a cute little picture. I agree with you about choosing who you hang with. Being a new mum is tricky enough that sometimes it's a good call to limit your exposure to mums who have a bit too much negativity or worry. if you are a chilled out mum, look for others like you! good job on getting back into running, even if it's sporadic. do you have a jogging stroller? i used mine a ton that first year.
    good luck!