Friday, July 22, 2011

Wherein I restart my training...AGAIN...

My blog posting seems to be going much like my running - fits and starts. This month's excuse is a recurring hamstring (maybe a tendon?) injury. I'm somehow beginning to link it to my new(ish) trainers but I know it has its roots in speed training (pushed myself too hard to keep up with faster folk) and the habit I have of keeping my legs crossed. That last one is pure speculation on my part, but it always hurts the most after I've spent long hours with my right leg (the injured party) crossed over my left. Oh, and I need to flat out stretch. I'm wickedly lazy about stretching. Ever...

Anyway, at first I thought it was the sciatica from my pregnancy revisiting - but while it hurts its a totally different hurt than that.

Looming in my face is the Army Ten Miler (hereafter A10M), and my limited attempts at running since early June (Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon), have been sloppy and mostly painful. Not excruciating, but definitely uncomfortable. Yoga - no probs. Biking, not fond of stationary which is all I have access to at the moment, but again no probs. Walking...meh...too much (over 3 miles) or an extended hill and we have problems. But if I'm going to even attempt the A10M I need to get out there, so I'm revising my training plan (AGAIN, sigh...) to a mostly walking plan with strength training and stretching and see how we go. If I can figure out how to do it, I'll post the plan in a few days.

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