Friday, June 14, 2013

Catalog of Injuries.

So after run/walking the Army Ten Miler and the HoBOOken 5K, I spent most of fall and winter down with a back injury.  It took me until March to actually get it looked at.  I have no excuse - just laziness, scheduling an appointment in the window of time Miss N's in her part-time school and days when it felt better so I thought it was fixing wasn't and one shovel of snow too far, I threw it out.

It turns out I have a slight curve to my spine that was sort of picked up when I was a kid but my mom (according to my dad) went on a kinda "no child of mine has a curved spine" tear and since it was slight, no one followed up.  When I mentioned the spine curve thing to my aunt (mom's sister), she got all indignant as apparently Mom has one too...  My Mom is story for another post...

Fast-forward thirty-odd many years and there it is in my x-rays.  Just a slight curve, but one even I can see.  I asked my chiropractor if this is why I has sciatica while pregnant and if it was why my low back tightens up so badly when I run and I pretty much got a "duh...of course" response.  Huh...well that explains that...

The chiro banned me from running for 2 months and I've just gotten moving again a few weeks ago.  I had a meh showing at a 5K on Memorial Day but am so grateful to have been able to run it, I'm not too bothered.

So this is my round about way of explaining why I haven't been running, why I haven't been posting and why (once again) I've got a new training plan.

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