Thursday, September 22, 2011

Restart 2.0 or is that 3.0?

Ah...yeah...Well, summer happened and since Himself is a school teacher (and an art teacher at that) I really had two toddlers at home.  Plus an over training injury that would not heal.  Now I'm 17 days out from the ATM and wondering what is possessing me to still try and go through with it.

Stubbornness, I suppose.  But that's always been a problem of mine.  A weekend away with just my parents too.  No baby, no husband.  Guaranteed minimum of 2 hours of alone time, despite being surrounded by 15,000 other runners.

Here's what I'm hoping for.  Running slow.  Running the first 3 miles and see how I'm feeling, run the next mile and check-in with the body again...if we're OK run the next mile.  Then I'm switching to run walk on the 5:1 ratio.  The ultimate goal is to make the time cut off and not get rerouted.  I want to finish the whole 10.  That's all.  

So this week I've logged 20 miles - mostly cycling, some run/walking and one elliptical workout.  I'm resting tomorrow (casual walk 'round town while TDMN is at "On My Own"), run/walking on Saturday and doing my usual yoga on Sunday.

I really promise I'm back this time.

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