Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So there's this scene in Persuasion that sets up the whole premise of book/movie wherein Sir Walter Elliot is made to pack it off to Bath and rent the family estate to an admiral for the sake of saving money. They call it retrenching...which is exactly what we're faced with here in Team Gold's household. I've been unemployed for longer than I expected, Bergen County hasn't paid me for work I did in 2009 and Himself's thesis keeps getting sent back for rewrites. This should be the last round of rewrites, but we won't see the financial benefit until the fall when the credits and degree are registered with his new contract.

Sigh...Retrenching sucks...

I've canceled the gym membership and am going it alone. I'm committing myself to running with the group on Saturdays and on my own 2 other days a week. The two days are easy to come by if I don't mind being the mom always showing up to school in running clothes. The problem is going to be cross training and how/where to do it.

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