Friday, February 24, 2012

Can I have my schedule back please?

I ran into my neighbor coming back from a run while I was putting out the garbage last night.  It made me pretty sad.  There he was all tricked out in his BAA shirt and shorts telling me what a beautiful night it was along the river...  At that moment I would have liked nothing better than to lace up my shoes and head out into the almost balmy February evening (50 degrees at 8pm?!  Seriously?!?), but Himself was out for the night at a gig and Miss N had just been put to bed.  Gone are my "I have nothing else to do so I'll go for a run" nights and it occurred to me that they're probably gone until Miss N is well into middle school.  A depressing thought considering we just got her into preschool. 

Himself is off this week for winter break, Miss N has had some interesting diapers this week and was up last night with a stomach bug and as a result I've been doing a lot of laundry and my time has not been my own.  I still managed most of my planned workouts which I'm quite proud of.  There are two undone running workouts, but I'll do one today at the gym after Himself takes Miss N out this afternoon and the second will probably have to wait until Sunday.  Since they're short running workouts I should be able to get them in without too much struggle. 

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