Friday, February 17, 2012

Someone...just tell me what to make.

Avocado, mashed sweet potatoes and Pritkin fish sticks with a milk chaser.
I've been struggling in vain to come up with a grocery list for what feels like forever. Ever get like that? I can't think of a darn thing I actually want to eat so I just can't seem to put together a menu. Since I'm the one who does all the cooking (and WAAAYYY more of it now that I'm home full-time with Miss N to feed), if I don't make it, it comes from the pizza place around the corner. While Delfino's is very good and they're very nice it does nothing for my weight, developing Miss N's food palate or my budget.

And then there's all the reading I've been doing. Meat, minimal meat, minimally processed meat, vegetarian, vegan, sustainable, responsible. AACCK!!!! Not only have I learned more than I want to know, I've learned I need to stop reading or I just won't ever eat again.  I just need to get dinner on the table! Why is that suddenly so fraught for me?!?

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